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Questions that Matter: Tierra Webb

Tierra Webb has created her own lane in the sports and wellness area. Tierra is not only a wellness advocate, but she also teaches, and has cultivated her own business, TWebb Affect, where she trains basketball athletes working on skill development. I've recently had the pleasure of speaking with her about her business venture and her impact on youth.

Last time we had a conversation it was on health - how big are you still on health?

It's something that leads me everyday. I love to not only tap into my physical health, but also the mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. I am very passionate about health.

You also have TWebb Affect - explain to us how this came about

Back in 2020, I took a leap of faith and started my business with TWebb Affect. I’ve had experience training and working with athletes since 2017. Once I got a chance to pretty much manage other camps and projects for basketball/fitness companies, I realized I could do it myself and broaden my audience. It started off with just personal training and then I expanded to running camps and clinics. Last year, I spent about 13 months building my own app and three basketball courses within it. It's been growing and I love where it’s going.

You created an app - TWebb Affect B.O.L.D - Give a quick summary on that.

TWebb Affect B.O.L.D is a mobile app where athletes, coaches, or teams can sign up for virtual basketball training. It gives them the opportunity to have access to 1-3 courses focusing on ball handling, cross over development, and ball control. It helps them build their offensive skills that they can apply on the court. The app has brought attention to other small partnerships. I’ve had the ability to partner with someone, who I won’t disclose yet, but we are working on another course that will open doors for me to train in other environments. 

How big is developing and coaching for you?

I would say I’m passionate about it. It is a way for me to connect with the next generation and I want to be able to bridge that gap so I can be that mentor for athletes that I saw myself in when I was younger. It's still important for me and I’m glad that I am able to still have a connection with it.

What keeps you going?

The ability to create and positively impact someone else. I’m also inspired by my mom and close friends that stay motivated. Seeing them be creative in their own space allows me to continue being myself where I can give my unique talents. 

What advice would you give to young athletic professionals?

Be that person you wish you had growing up. Positively impact. Keep going. In a world today where it seems like things are quickly tangible and success is right in front of your face, it looks different for everybody. Stay honest throughout your path. What you deserve and what you are yearning for will come to you organically, so keep working.

What else can we expect from you? 

Business wise, you can expect to have another project I’m working on come out soon. I’m working on a journal for athletes, where they can jot down thoughts and help with performance anxiety. Life wise, I continue to be a positive advocate in the health and wellness space as a sport coach and mentor. I will continue to give back to that community in the best way possible and be a kind human to the world.

Make sure you tell a friend, to tell a friend to download TWebb Affect App on Apple Store here and on Google Play Store here. Be sure to stay updated with Tierra Webb on Instagram @twebb.affect

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