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A Chat with Tierra Webb on Health.

Hey guys! So today I decided to talk about a much deeper subject that affects many people, your health. Many people don’t understand the importance of health and how not only you, but the people around you may need to start living a healthier lifestyle. Here to help me talk about this issue is my lifelong friend Tierra Webb who loves to help people live a better life through her health coaching. Her goal is to help people live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Your past does not have to limit your future. We are rooting for you!

1) Why are you so passionate about others health?

I get so excited because when I see other people exercising, eating healthy, and respecting their bodies, I know they are not only helping themselves but also their loved ones. Good health adds years to your life AND life to your years. This energy will affect the people around you. Physical activity alone lowers the risk for a countless number of bodily issues and diseases. We all want to be around to experience hanging and running around with our kid’s kids. Right? The passion and energy I’ve connected with good health should not stop with the small percentage of people who have caught the wave; I want to introduce as many people as I can to the “healthier and happier” journey.

2) Do you know people personally whose health has affected you? If so, why?

Yes. I have many family members that are currently a diabetic, obese, or are struggling with other health issues. It didn’t begin to bother me until I start noticing how it was affecting their children. They were limited to do certain things with us. I started to notice how they were affected emotionally, physically, and financially by their health issues. I did not understand why. I would see throwback pictures of them 75-100 pounds lighter and wonder what happened. So, I began to study health to make sure I do not end up the same way whenever my basketball career comes to an end. But, more importantly, I want to help my family begin to practice healthier habits.

3) Why do you think many people aren’t taking their health serious?

There are a countless number of reasons why people do not take their health serious. So, reasons may vary. I personally believe the main reasons people fall into the trap of practicing unhealthy habits are connected to one or more of the reasons listed below:

1. We put the lifestyle change on hold. It’s like we don’t care just yet until something bad happens.

2. We believe fried food and fast-food tastes good and are convenient.

3. We simply have not been exposed to the damage that sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating practices can do to our bodies in the future because it may not currently show.

4. We do not have anyone to motivate us about how important our health is on a consistent basis.

4) What are some small deeds many could do to help improve their health?

The main 3 small deeds I advice others to do to improve their health is to drink plenty of water, stay actively daily in any way possible (do the extra things such as taking the stairs instead of elevator), and eating a healthy balanced meal. You may be thinking “well duh” however, this is not always easy for the average person. You have to consciously think about how you are treating your body. If there is any lack in these areas I advice you to ask for help or get involved with a health coach. (Tierra Webb)

6) Do you have any upcoming plans?

My continuous plan is to keep growing and helping others with health. In the future I plan to offer wellness services and create fun, exciting, and active fitness events centered around wellness.

7) What is the final advice you could offer to others about taking care of oneself?

Keep in mind that 10 percent is what happens in life yet, 90 percent is how we react to it. We are in control of our our life; it is necessary to take responsibility. This means we have the power to fix our problems and change any situation the same way we have the power to embrace our success. We are all beautifully made, let’s treat ourselves and the life around us that way.

Well that wraps up our conversation! A huge thank you to Tierra Webb for better explaining issues regarding health. Feel free to connect with Tierra on IG: trwebb02 or through Facebook: Tierra Webb. Tierra also is the early stages of her partnership with Herbalife Nutrition where she has amazing products and more! You can check it out now!

Your past does not have to limit your future. We are rooting for you!

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