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Navigating New Careers. Where to Find a Balance.

Hi guys! So let's talk about something that's been on my mind. Has anybody recently been through a career change or stuck in finding your right path? I know the feeling. I've recently did I career switch and to be honest it was one of the best things ever. Upon graduation college, my first entry level position helped me in so many ways but I knew it wasn't my passion or something I even enjoyed doing. After two longs years I finally decided to take a leap a faith and now I have a job that I enjoy. Although I plan to switch careers again in the near future, creating a work life balance is very important for your mental. If you are having second thoughts about doing a career change or thinking if this is the right move for you keep reading for my tips on if you should take that step.

Some Signs you may Need a Career Change
  • You dread going to work

  • You feel disconnected from your own interest

  • Your self esteem is low

  • Money is the only thing keeping you

  • Thoughts of what you could be doing or wanting to leave job if you could

Sometimes we don't notice it but the way you feel about your job could have a big impact on your life. Not wanting to get up for work or feeling down can lead to depression and feeling like you have no way out. Although it can be very hard to leave your current career and jumpstart your new fresh life, it is very possible. Once you create a plan and get into the right mindset you can set your mind to living the life you want.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Get in the Mindset

It is necessary to create a plan. As adults we always have to expect the unexpected. Plan out your goals and get in the mindset that you will have a new career. Sometimes we can't just quit our job. Bills, family, and health gets in the way and we have to stay at jobs until we can find a new one. That is why creating a plan is crucial. Take time to fix your resume, network with companies, ask for feedback, and create set end goal dates. Sometimes we have to block out the outside world and just focus on the tasks at hand. It is only up to us to create the life we want. Wake up every day with the mindset that your new career is already yours. Whether it's affirmations of 'this job is mines' or post its' on your mirror to keep your motivated, STAY MOTIVATED. It is the motivation in us that fuels the energy to keep going.

Don't get Discouraged

Prior to graduating with my Bachelors, it took me months before I found my first salary role. I applied for so many jobs, went on dozens of interviews, only to barely received communication from companies after multiple interviews. To be honest, it does suck. I can't say applying for roles are even remotely exciting. One thing I had to learn was to not get discouraged. Finding a job is hard, especially when you know the roles you are going for. Remain calm and keep going because there is no shortcuts sometimes when it comes to getting what you want.

Don't Take it Personal

Sometimes we think 'what could I have done wrong?' after we didn't get the role we want and most of the times you didn't do anything wrong. We often believe that when things aren't going our way it clearly has something to do with self and that is not true. A lot of these companies go through 10s of interview daily to fulfill a single role. Even if a company doesn't reach out after an initial conversation, don't take it personal. Take it as a blessing honestly, would you rather work for a company that doesn't know how to properly communicate or someone who does?

Network, Network, Network!

Everything is an interview. Networking is key to a lot of successful career changes and this is true in many aspects. To be completely honest, a lot of jobs are not only filled due to experience but by who you know as well. We are taught a lot of times nepotism is bad but to be fair, connections are just as big. When it comes to networking you can do so much. A small conversation while grabbing a quick coffee, emailing an employee in the field you like for advice, or even reaching out to family and friends to see if they have any connections are some examples. Something to remember, when networking you should always create a 30 second pitch or 'so tell me about yourself' memorized to show peers you are serious about your work. Ask previous companies you've interviewed with for feedback on pros/cons, go to a networking expo, or check out social media for likeminded individuals. Whatever you do, make sure you sell yourself every time because you never know who you are talking to.

Mental Health Checks are Necessary

We are taught to believe the only way up is through suffering. In particular, with jobs we are taught that we have to stay with careers we don't want in order to move up. Mental health checks are very crucial when figuring out new career goals. If a job is affecting your mental health you should really look into finding a solution. Feeling overworked, extreme work/long hours, no work/life balance, toxic work environment, and job insecurity are just some examples on how your mental health can be affected. This can lead to serious depression which is never good in any situation. Your feelings always come first in any situation so the first step is awareness. Being aware that you are not feeling well with your role because a lot of times we don't realize how bad something is at first. The next thing you can do is get help. Whether that is getting a therapist, picking back up on your interests, or reaching out for resources to get support goes a long way. Once you can acknowledge that there is an issue with your current state, plan and create boundaries in your job. You do not have to tolerate everything just because of a role.

Don't Always do it for Money

I know we live in world where we glorify money. Money is for sure power but it can also be evil. Be sure you are not comprising your health, integrity, or life for money. Create your own plan and live by your own means. Some reasons people take pay cuts for better work life balance, manage business/personal goals, or to transition into a new career. Whatever your reason is, don't feel bad. A lot of times if we are transitioning into a different industry you may have to accept a lower pay in exchange for learning new skills. If you are starting your own business, taking a job with less responsibilities could help manage your time better. Take the roles that serve you, if you feel that money is the only reason making you stay, adjust your lifestyle and make necessary steps to be able to live the life you want.

So wether you are deciding on switching industries, thinking of making that big move, or launching your own business understand that YOU own your own life! Yes a lot of times things are hard. It all comes down to what you are willing to sacrifice and are you going to stick to the plan. We should all create a great work life balance not only for our mental health but because we should never feel like we are suffering at a job. So do what makes you happy because everything else will drive you crazy!

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