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Expect the Unexpected

Hey y'all! So today I am here to discuss something that's been popping up in almost all my conversations lately: the unknown.

What is the Unknown?

The unknown is exactly what it means: not known. We all think about the unknown, some more than others. Sometimes thinking about it gives us hope while other times it makes us think more of the unknown. Thinking too much about the unknown can create scenarios in our head that never happened before, have you overthinking about every situation, and can have you consistently worried. Although we may feel like this is a never ending cycle, we can find light in not knowing the unknown.

Being Uncomfortable

If you had read any of my previous posts, you would know I talk often about being uncomfortable. Something about being uncomfortable is liberating but also very scary at times. To me, life is all about being uncomfortable. Lyfe Jennings once said "There's only two things in life that are constant - that's change and change." Changes happen every day of your life. Some are very drastic changes and others are changes we don't even notice. Either way, coming to terms that change will always happen will prepare you for those uncomfortable situations. Let go of your fears, become more accepting, and understand that tough times don't last .

Anything can happen

Anything is possible. Anything you think can happen could and anything that could happen probably will. That is why you always expect anything. That is just the way the cookie crumbles. If we could predict every thing that will happen in our life then where would the excitement be? Would there be any lessons? Think about your entire life being predicted, would you accept everything for what it is or would you try and change it? 9/10 you will try and change it somehow. We focus on change even when we aren't cognately thinking about it. We always think "there is a better way than this" opposed to just being accepting of anything that can possibly happen.


We worry about the unknown for a lot of reasons. Finding our purpose is one. We worry about our purpose a lot because sometimes we just don't know, and that's the issue. Not knowing can just make you feel all types of emotions as if you aren't doing enough and you could even ask yourself "what am I doing?". One thing I do when I think a lot about things I cannot control is I start to write. I write my emotions down, why I am feeling this way, and what can I control ? You have to ask yourself, "am I on my own path?" Have those conversations with yourself and understand your own emotions better. When you fully understand yourself that is when you can truly find your own purpose. We aren't meant to have the same journey so find your personal why and own it!

There a quote I wrote in one of my old posts, Adjusting to a Shift, "When you choose to step into the unknown you become the CEO of your own life." . When you enter in the unfamiliar, don't be afraid to to take it head on. Take every day slow and as a learning guide and I promise everything gets better with time. So always expect the unexpected because in this life, change is all we got.

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