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Adjusting to a Shift

Hey guys, so lately a lot of things have been going on in my life. Some days I feel super stagnant and other days I feel like I can do almost anything. This is where I noticed a shift happening in my life. I often feel like this when a big change is happening and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Whether it is small or big, change isn't always easy and here are some ways to adjust when things come your way.


One thing that comes with change is being able to accept things for what it is. A lot of things that happen to us we can't change, but we can change our outlook. Look at things on a brighter spectrum and figure out new ways to find peace with the changes going on in your life. Understand that changes are constant and when things seem like they aren't working in your favor look at how you are internalizing things.

Understand it's a process

Not all changes are major but when you go through big shifts it can be a hard pill to swallow. For example, you got your heart broken. This shift could cause a lot of emotional stress in your life. Always know that it is a process and things get better with time. If it is more than you feel like you can handle you can always talk to friends, family, therapist, or even a stranger (because sometimes its easier to talk to someone who doesn't know you personally).

Go with the flow

If you feel a change happening but not sure what or how it will affect your life just go with the flow! Enjoy the ride your on with a bunch of experiences and learning opportunities. Sometimes this is better for people to do who don't handle changes well.

Let go of fears

One of the reasons a lot of people hate change is because of the uncertainty that follows. We never know the full outcome of anything that happens in life. This also can create uncomfortably situations a lot of people don't want to be in. For me personally, being outside of my comfort zones makes me adapt to changes easier. Think of times where you were in an uncomfortable position, what skills did you learn to help cope during those times? Sometimes this could help you when your going through a shift in life and need help coping. I know all of this is easier said than done but letting go of your fears help you become more open to new experiences. When you choose to step into the unknown you become to CEO of your own life.

In the end it'll all make sense

I know sometimes you feel like you're doing things and nothing makes sense but like Nip said "Never let a hard time humble us". When you are face with adversity you can either sink or swim. Understand every problem has a solution good and bad. With changes comes choices, and with choices come lessons. Also understand when a shift comes into your life there is a lot of old patterns and habits you can get rid of.

Always remember that change is inevitable. Whether you like it or not we all should be aware on how to adapt when you are faced with challenges. When a shift happens don't just try and ignore it, make it your bitch!

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