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Why You Should Almost Take Nothing Personal

Hey guys! So I know this happens to a lot of us but when we feel disrespected we often take it more personal than we should. When we take things personal it can effect our whole mood for the worse. It can cause more problems than you began with. This can be emotionally draining while also creating bad habits. Reason being is because we make the assumption that others know our lives. There are so many reasons as to why we shouldn't take things personal and I'll tell you why

Many People Project

I can't stress this enough but what other say, do, or think has 0% to do with you. We all go through things and some may have a hard time expressing it. Instead, they project their energy to others based on what is going on within themselves. This is a bad habit to have if you project because it brings a negative energy around others.

People Live In The Past

Something we all need to understand is that we all human and we all view the world completely different. Your struggles aren't mines and mines isn't yours. We all have different values and beliefs. Even if it is something that is done or said that relates directly to us we have to learn that it shouldn't be taken personal because many feelings are based on past experiences that had nothing to do with us.

Many Act Using Their Ego

This is something many of us face. In society, we are taught to act using our ego. This can cause a manifestation in your ego in so many ways. We began to judge others and ourselves based on labels. We objectify things by labeling ourselves and others and it takes away from who we really are. This also creates a sense of power where there is none needed. Many act on this imaginary hierarchy we created by making these 'labels' seem higher than the other. Another thing is the ego can hold on to past situations that make it hard to live in the present moment. Being aware of not only your ego but others is very important because people tend to get defensive when they feel personally attacked by someone else and that's when we start feeding the ego. Never stroke someone else's ego. Ever!

Assumptions Are The Worse

Probably the #1 reason why we take things personal is because we assume. We assume that others know our lives and what we go through. Regardless of if the statement was made directly to you or not everyone is in their own world, in their own mind. We have to understand that everything someone says or does is based solely off their own experiences and thoughts from their own mind.

Everything Is Opinions

Literally everything is an opinion. Opinions are not true, they are solely based off ones thoughts and perspective. Even your own opinions aren't facts. When we understand that, we can learn to not take things personal in our own minds and others. When you accept things for what it is nothing can hurt you.

When you learn to take nothing personal you can conquer the world cause nobody opinion or thought can hurt you. People can gossip and go on about how you should do this and change that but take everything with a grain of salt. Learning how to not take things personal helps your understand that many people just react off their own situations. You can ask without expecting and give without criticism. Remember to always live in the present because this helps us understand our feelings before we express things which will have a better outcome externally.

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