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Why Manifesting Works

Hi guys, I'm so sorry for not creating any content for a couple weeks but whew, life is stressful. There has just been so much going on from transitioning to new jobs and moving out of my apartment I haven't had much time to just sit down and write. Something I want to talk about near and dear to my heart is the power of manifesting. I believe that everything you have the power to do is already within you. There has been so much good that has been coming to my life by using the laws of attraction and just speaking things into existence.

Girl, what do you mean by manifestation?

By definition, manifest means clear or obvious to the eye or mind. True, but my definition for manifest is to bring forth to reality through experiences and thoughts. Manifesting is more than a feeling but it changes the way you think as well.

Why is it important though?

We are literally manifesting every single day believe it or not. Whether the thoughts we have are positive or negative we have created our own reality thus far. So everything you say and do is a manifestation. This is very vital for our everyday life because its the reason everything is happening to you. Lets say you wake up with such a bad mood, seems like nothing you can do to make this day go any better. You walk around with your head down and you keep thinking and speaking negative things, basically you can't wait for the day to be over. That right there is a manifestation. The things you put out in this earth you will receive in tenfold.

How can I change my outlook?

Let's say you change your outlook, you make a deal with yourself like "For a week straight I will wake up and say 'Today will be a good day.'" Something as little as speaking positive words into the universe can do so much for your health. Take it a little further and when things aren't going as planned be optimistic. I try to stay as optimistic as possible. When you have a more positive outlook you can appreciate the littler things in life you took for granted.

Energy is key

Energy is super important, I literally live off peoples energies and vibes. Why? When you think about life, everything is made up of energy. We have to be very conscious of the things we think and say because those things are so powerful. Everything we say or think shapes our reality day by day and the energy we do bring can be put off on other people. Manifesting the right things are more than just simply thinking but putting the right actions ahead, keeping in tact with your emotions, and getting rid of the things that no longer serve you.

You get what you ask for

I know all this is easier said than do but like I said earlier, everything you have is already within you. Stay ten toes down and always focus on the things that bring your positive experiences. You can ALWAYS get what you focus on. Hell, I am still learning this whole process of the laws of attraction but I can 100% say my life has been less stressful and more about lessons.

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