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What’s on my playlist?

So guys I like to think I have really good taste in music. Here are some songs/artists that’s been on repeat daily for me.

Jaz Karis

So I’ve recently found Jaz Karis about a month ago while watching COLORS on YouTube. She has literally turned into a favorite of mines & I completely stan. The first song I heard from her was Petty Lover but honestly her EP Into the Wilderness is bomb!


I found Mahalia the same way I found Jaz Karis. The first song I heard was Sober and just loved everything about it. Her EP Diary of Me is also good.


NAO is my good sis y’all. I love everything about her. I’ve been listening to her since For All We Know. She recently dropped her new album titled Saturn which is amazing! There honestly isn’t a song I don’t like from her.


So the first song I heard from Masego was Tadow & I just loved the smoothness of it. Afterwards I decided to listen to his new album called Lady Lady & y’all he is really a great artist overall.

Summer Walker

Girls Need Love hit it off for me! I just knew she was gonna be great after that. Once she dropped her album Last Day of Summer I stood corrected. She’s a fairly new artist and she’s been doing all the right things in my eyes for me to

Sinhead Harnett

So I have a confession, I may have an obsession with UK artists but they are so good! If You Let Me & Body has been on repeat for the past couple of months. Her EP titled Sinhead Harnett is really good.


This is my good sis too! I’m so proud of her growth and her music shows it all! My favorite songs from her right now is Daddy & Perform but she has an album out now titled Leaked which is hot.


It’s something about Gunna voice that’s just soothing. I love almost all of his songs and I feel like 2018 was his year to shine & that’s what he did. One of my favorite songs by him is Top Off but his new album with Lil Baby titled Drip Harder is hard.


The way this man can remix a song is amazing to me. Be Your Girl & You’re the One is one of my favs but all of his mixes are good.

Ella Mai

I know y’all might be tired of Boo’d Up but all her other music and EPs are bomb. Naked is of course of my favs but her album Ella Mai is honestly one of my favorites of the year.


I love noname new album Blaxploitation. She was really spitting that ish on there


So I first heard him on D’Evils and after that I heard him on NAO song Make it out Alive & I became a big fan of him. His album November is super good.

Some of the other songs/artists that’s been on repeat lately is also

Yung Bleu - Investments 5

Jorja Smith - almost anything she sings haha

Kiana Ledé - Selfless

6lack - East Atlanta Love Letter

Teyana Taylor - K.T.S.E.

Brent Faiyaz - Lost

I have so many more artists/songs I could name but I would be typing for hours! Give some of these artists a try and let me know what you think! All artists mentioned can be found of Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube. Til next time pals


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תגובה אחת

I have to listen! Thanks for the new tunes💯💕

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