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Summer Bucket List Ideas

Guyssss, we have a little less than one month until summer is back! Now for some it's already scorching hot but if you're like me who lives in bipolar Chicago then I know you can't wait for the consistent heat. It don't matter what ya summer mood is, whether you boo'd up or tryna act up ima get you right. Here are some summer bucket list ideas!


Listen, I love road trips. They are so simple. You don't have to go far as long as you got a good group of people to go. Go to an area you've never visited. Find out where good nightlife is. If not just spend time with the company that's there.

Rent a Drop Top and Ride Around The City

LISTENN, this is still on my bucket list too. I wanna get the flyest whip and ride that mf all down lake shore and south shore (for the gang) lol. Get ya girls (or boys) and hit the streets! Plan an eventful day and POP TF OUT. Period.

Go to a Music Festival

I went to Pitchfork last year and LOVED it. The summer is where majority of the music festivals happen and they'v e become so popular you can practically go anywhere for good music. If you're anxiety is high then you may wanna stay away from the bigger ones.

Have a Picnic

Okay I need to do this, like an official real picnic. Blunts rolled, wine cooler ( or something stronger), and some good food. Picnics can be at the local park, beach, basically anywhere with a little shade.

Fall in Love

I'm still a hopeless romantic at heart if we're being honest. Find love. Spread love. Whether thats with yourself or someone else do it! We only have one life to live.

Drive the Boat

Lmao not like that, but get a group of people and put on for a boat for the day. It'll be so fun I promise.

Go to the Islands

I could be biased because I'm Puerto Rican but the Caribbean is the MOVE. I'm going to Punta Cana in July and cannot wait. I have it on my bucket list to visit every island in the area and so far 2 down 28 to go. I just love the whole vibe. The people.. Beautiful! The food.. Sensational!! THE ENTIRE AMBIANCE.. UNMATCHED!!! I love it.

Support a Local Business or Talent

Y'all I'm always for small businesses! There are so many start ups that need support especially when its so easy to show love. Here's some ways,

  • Repost an event or post

  • Buy for you or as a gift for someone else

  • Word of mouth is key!

  • Tag friends and family

Grow a Plant

Me and my bestie been talking about growing plants for the longest and this summer is def the time. I love plants and I can't wait to grow and buy a whole bunch! If you don't wanna grow one you can always buy some and nurture it!

Take a Social Media Break

The summer is where we may take a break from some responsibilities. While doing so take a break from technology for a couple days or weeks to focus on reality. ITS SUMMER! Go out and enjoy the sunny days.


Not just for your body. Detox your mind and spirit as well. Get rid of those negative people in your life. Stop putting yourself in situations you don't want to be in. Anything that is not bringing you good vibes, come at peace with it and move on. This summer we ain't crying over spilt milk!

Have a BBQ

I love BBQs! The vibe that surrounds it is amazing. Play some spades. Get some good food. BBQs ALWAYS have good music. Go to a couple or host your own!

Do Yoga and Workout Outdoors

The sun is out for a reason. Go by the park or beach and workout. Try doing something you've never done before. Go bike riding today instead of jogging.

Watch the Sunset

This is a mood for real. Go by yourself, with a significant other, or a friend. Watching the sunset is so therapeutic! Just relax in the moment and focus on a peace of mind.

Do Something You Never Done

Do something you've been meaning to do. It could be something you fear or not. Just do it. Take that risk.

Have a Party

Throw a party with ya friends or enjoy the many parties that are about to happen this summer.


Give back to your community. Give back to someone in need. Sometimes we forget that others don't have the same fortunes we do. Donate to a non profit that inspires you. Feed the homeless. Volunteer at a summer camp for kids. There is so many resources and way to give back and it only requires your time.

Go a an Amusement Park or Carnival

Maybe its still the kid in me but I love amusement parks!

Save Money

The summer is full of free events! There are so many enjoyable perks of the summer that require little to no spending. Save and invest this summer!

So what are your bucket list plans?

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