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Shows to Watch

I honestly feel as if my life as turned into me staying home and binge watching shows all day. My life has become so busy I stay at home work on projects and ideas and in the background I watch TV. I will provide a list of shows that are a must watch!

The Umbrella Academy

I really thought this show was gonna be such a drag. Like literally House of Anubis kiddie type show. Never judge a book by its cover! This show is so good. Only one season is out right now but I hope they keep it coming. So its about six siblings who were born with powers reunite after their fathers death and basically a lot of wild stuff begins to happen! A must watch.

Honorary Mention: Klaus (Favorite Character)

All American

So I didn't watch it when it first aired on TV but when they put it on Netflix I decided to give it a try. I literally stan this show! It is so good and I love everything about it. There is only one season as well but it is fairly new so I hope they renew for another season. This show is based on a true story about a boy growing up in Crenshaw who moves to Beverly Hills to play football. Let me tell y'all why I love this show so much. I love how they speak on topics that many can relate to in the black community (mental health, drugs, violence, relationships, rebuilding communities, sports issues, and so much more. They do such a perfect job without trying to over do the narrative.

Honorary Mention: Coop (Real One)


They did that on season one of You. This show had me on my feet. It's about a bookstore manager who crosses paths with a female writer and basically becomes obsessed! What I like about this show is that how they show how easy it is for people to get information about you but not only that, the suspense is wild! Psychotic must I say.

Honorary Mention: Peach (Sighs..)


My friend told me I was sleeping on this show and he was right! I love this show so much. It's about the start of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles. It follows the life of many characters in the Black community, Hispanic community, and White community. I love the realness of this show. A must watch if you're into crime shows.

Honorary Mention: Franklin (Big Dog)

Random Acts of Flyness

Another friend put me on to this show. I am so happy they did because the wokeness of this show is unmatched! I love it. I love it. This is a late night sketch comedy show that explores white supremacy, sensuality, patriarchy, black history, racial trauma, death, and romance. It does it so perfectly! I promise if you don't watch any of these shows I recommend please check this one out!

Honorary Mention: Terrance Nance (he created this show so why not)

Stranger Things

Now I know everybody should be on this show already but I have to add it. I love these kids! So so good.

Honorary Mention: Eleven (Girl Power)


This show is based on the Archie Comics. I love this show so much guys. The dramaaaaaaaaa...

Honorary Mention: Cheryl (I STAN)

Gossip Girl

I know this isn't a new show but I binge watched the all of the seasons and I loveee this show. Let's picture TMZ with a TV Show. It basically follows the life of the privileged young people of Manhattan's Upper East Side. The teaaaaa? Unmatched. Gossip Girl is literally me but without the gossip lol.

Honorary Mention: Blair (Period)

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