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Self Care Tips That Can Be Incorporated Into Your Everyday Life.

Is it just me or is the winter time more stressful than any other season? I've been so hard on myself recently it's becoming a problem as to where my self care hasn't been top priority. I had to snap back to reality and give myself a pep talk like "girl, stop playing yaself". Self care isn't just about physically taking care of yourself but also mentally and emotionally. Here are some self care tips if you're ever not feeling yourself.


Listen, I know I talk about affirmations a lot but trust, they help so much. Wake up and tell yourself "you got this". Even if your day didn't go exactly as planned let yourself know "I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening and will happen." End your day with "My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil." You are ALWAYS in charge of how you feel. Change your outlook on things and always turn your negatives into positives. Here's a tip: write a few affirmations on sticky notes and post them in spots you look at everyday (mirrors, fridge, notebooks, etc.). You can also make them your phone screensaver.

Pamper Yourself

When I say this I mean:

  • try a face mask

  • exfoliate your skin

  • drink & eat something nourishing for your body

  • go to that museum you've been meaning to go to

  • buy yourself something nice

  • pick up on an activity

  • take yourself out on a date

  • buy a book

  • binge watch some shows

  • relax your mind

  • book a trip

Pampering yourself is literally whatever you make it. Live in the moment. Do what makes you happy & take care of yourself in the process. You deserve to be treated nice.

Cut off Bad People

It's cut off season. Good vibes only! Remove anybody bad in your life. Got a bad friend? Snip. Family members acting up? Snip Snip. Significant other doing too much? SNIP SNIP SNIP! Getting rid of toxic people in your life does so much cleansing for yourself, trust me. Better question though: Why keep people who bring pain and unnecessary drama in your life? It's too many people in this world to be stressing over someone who bring you nothing good.

Limit your Time on Social Media

Cmon, you & I both know that social media can be super toxic at times. We sometimes confuse it with reality when we only get a glimpse of people lives. People start to compare their lives to others and get a little too carried away. Yes, social media can we fun and interesting at times but when you're spending more than half of your day on it then that's where it becomes a problem, especially when you're not getting paid for it. Limit yourself to the time spent on social media and focus on things that actually matter in your life. Watch yourself flourish.

Never Compare Yourself to Anyone

I partially blame social media for a lot of this. We see a lot of people living "good" lives and we see a lot of people progressing to where we want to be. Well, i'm here to tell you, we all face issues and nobody life is 100% glitz and glamour. Never compare yourself to anyone in this world because we simply have our own paths to fulfill. It's okay to admire people and their story but always remember that you are you and nobody else. When you start to compare yourself you can become envious of others and that is toxic behavior. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday and nobody else.

Take Time to Reflect

This is something that's super important. Write down your high and lows. Take 10 minutes to just reflect on your day. Focus on where your energy is at. Practice your breathing. Create a morning routine as to where before you do anything you think about where you want to be in that moment. Do this everyday and watch how clear your conscious becomes.

Work Out

You don't have to go into full workout mode but do try and get physical for 20 minutes. Do some yoga. Take a walk. Go swimming. When your body feels good you feel great. Becoming more active can change your mindset and is a very fulfilling way of taking care of yourself.

Remember self-care is extremely personal. Do things you enjoy. The way you take care of yourself is the way you feel about yourself. Incorporating some of these ideas into your every day life is only going to help you become the best you and will leave you excited about your future goals. I pray that you all find peace and love most importantly.


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