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Questions You Should Always Ask Yourself

Hey guys! So is it just me or is something off within the universe? My mood has been off and I haven't felt encouraged lately. I've been going through a lot of trials and tribulations and learning more about myself. I love asking questions I sometimes get annoyed with myself. Something I learned was that we should always ask ourselves questions when trying to understand your owns feelings and actions. Here are some questions I ask myself and why they are important.

How Do I Feel and Why Am I Feeling This Way?

Sometimes we have a hard time expressing what we are feeling but we can explain how we feel. When can see how you feel you can further ask yourself why are you feeling this way. Whether it is good or bad, we all have reasons as to why we are feeling the way we are. Once you understand why you are feeling the way you do you can reflect and make changes in your life.

What Can I Do To Improve

There is always something we can improve on whether it is a skill or an emotion. We are all one working piece of art so the improvements are endless.

What Is My Why?

I think its important to ask the "why's" because we all have a purpose. Whether you know it or not always ask yourself what is something that is important to you and your values. Continue to live your life through what matters to you.

What Am I Grateful For?

What are we grateful for? A lot of things we appreciate can lead us to things we value. Are you grateful for waking up? Family? Food? Money? As you ask yourself this frequently you'll notice yourself narrowing things down to more specific things.

Am I Growing?

So lately I've been feeling very stagnant. I have to ask myself constantly am I growing? Am I making progress in life? What has changed? If nothing, what can I change? Understand that just because you can't see physical growth doesn't mean you aren't growing. Take it day by day and realize the small thing matter.

Am I Accepting My Flaws?

Are we? We all have them.

Am I Living My Truth?

One thing I am big on is living in your fullest truth. Accept your flaws and understand that you cannot change everything. Sometimes we tend become what every wants us to be when we need to learn that we are humans.

How Kind Am I To Myself?

This is something I wish myself along with others could understand more. We are all humans and we all go through things. Not one person is the same and we all make mistakes. So please be super kind to yourself and one another.

What are some questions you ask yourself?

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