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My First Trip Outside of the US!

Hey guys! So a couple weeks ago I went to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico and it was so exciting. My first trip out the country was very eventful. I had some laughs, got so drunk, almost died (thank God I didn’t lol), and so much more. I got to experience this with the people that’s close to me, la Familia! I’m gonna give you the full deets from the time we arrived til the time we left. I also created a vlog on my trip I just wanted to explain it more in depth (video is posted below)

The Resort

So we stayed at the Hotel Grand Riviera Princess & guys this resort was so beautiful. We had a open bar which was always open, several restaurants that we could choose from. There was clubs, casinos, late night hangout spots, daily shows, and so much more all inclusive! There was a beautiful beach we stayed right behind, a million pools, and the spa was really nice as well. I practically could have stayed on the resort the whole trip & still would have enjoyed myself. I loved how accommodating they were and they made sure our stay was worth the while!

Aventuras Mayas

We went to Aventuras Mayas one of the days we stayed and we did the package deal where it included zip lining, ATVs, Underground Cave, and dinner. We got a deal through our resort where everything was cheaper for us because we came with 30 family members. This was so fun I’ll insert some pictures below

Y'all, Zip Lining was no joke! I went through 7 stations and at the end went on a hammock. It was nonetheless a very fun experience.

5th Avenue

We also took a trip to 5th Avenue which was just a strip of stores and restaurants. You have to be careful when walking down some streets because after you reach a certain check point it’s more dangerous. Also, the people working on these streets know if your a tourist or not so don’t be alarmed when they get all on your face trying to get you in their store. One thing I can say is they are very very dedicated for you to come shop and eat with them. They will give you all types of deals you don’t see on their menus or anything (Top tier marketers! lol). The food we had was good and the stores are very nice as well. It could sometimes be overwhelming having someone in your face every 2 minutes but just be polite, they mean no harm.

Trip to Cancun

We had another deal package for a trip to Cancun! We did this the last night. Cancun literally looks like Vegas or Miami to be honest lol. We drove to Cancun & we went to a couple of shopping centers which was very upscale & we ate at a restaurant there which was very fun but the food could have been better. After the shopping plazas we went to the Boulevard Kukulcan which is where all the night life is! It was definitely more Americanized in Cancun they played a lot of hip hop at almost every club we passed.

My Near Death Experience!

Y'all, I really thought my life was over at one point of this trip. So one of the days I stayed out there I went jet skiing. This was my first time but I was ready! So as I’m navigating the boat I’m clearly being cautious and going slow at first. I see these two girls deep in the ocean and they doing the dash on these boats so I tell myself ”what the hell, it wont hurt to go a tad bit faster”. Soon as I took off I encounter a wave and I try to steer away & doing that caused me to jerk the boat a lot and I flipped that b**** over!!! Now I can’t swim either so if it wasn’t for that life vest I would have been out for the count! I also lost one of my contacts and my sunglasses I only wore once. So safe to say, I won’t be jet skiing anymore!

Tip when traveling So we did everything through our resort and the companies there because it’s unsafe to travel alone in many parts of Mexico. So be sure that even if your not with a resort everything is super safe! Be sure to not drink any of the water unless it’s bottled, that is also unsafe. When bringing money pesos and US currency is accepted. From what I learned they like US currency more because our value is worth more than their pesos. Also make sure you bring extra cash because many of these places charge a big fee to take money out from your card.

Overall I loved this trip! I had so much fun. I love to travel it’s my passion to travel and this being my first one out the country was very much worth every penny. Be sure to watch my Youtube Vlog on my trip! This is my first one so I do apologize if its a little rocky in the video! If you would like for me to do more videos please let me know. If you also have questions on anything about my experience feel free to message me!


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