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Malcolm & Marie: Who Was Right?

Hey guys!! So, I hope y'all watched Malcolm & Marie already cause its time to unpack this messy movie! I won't lie, first watch I wasn't feeling it too much but I decided to give it another try and it was so much better. My favorite parts about the movie was not just the dialogue but the cinematography was on point. I do appreciate movies that provide both perspectives because it shows another side of where things could go. This movie definitely showed us both Malcolm and Marie feelings and boy did they have some FEELINGS. Aside from all the debating going on in the movie, there was a lot of outside conversation & I thought I should share my thoughts on the movie and give my honest answer: Who was right?

Malcolm POV

So of course, here we have Malcolm. Malcolm is very egotistical in my opinion. In the beginning, when Malcolm and Marie come back from the movie premiere he is very happy and Marie is visibly upset. Now I already knew Malcolm was an a**hole when he was complaining about a review that wasn't even written yet. When he finally noticed Marie was upset they got into an argument about that.

"Please Marie, I don't wanna fight"

And what they ended up doing the whole movie? Fight haha. Malcolm really was invested on knowing why she was angry even though she did not explain why she was at first. When she finally explained she just wanted a thank you his response was:

"But I’ve thanked you a million times before. You know that I’m thankful. You know I’m appreciative. You know I made a mistake, so why turn it into something more?"

and then he also said

"It’s psychotic to think that forgetting to thank you is symbolic of anything other than me legitimately forgetting to f*cking thank you."

That is Malcolm's first problem, he doesn't see her POV. He then proceeds to keep saying she is being dramatic and Marie brings up more from that night which heightens the argument. Marie then tells him that Imani is based on her and he is clearly over it. He did try and see what's the issue, he did apologize, and he didn't want it to become a bigger issue. They kept debating about the connection with Marie and Imani and after a while they dead the whole situation. They end up laughing and talking about something else for a bit until Marie brings up the situation again and they back at it. Now Malcolm is very demeaning towards Marie & he constantly degrades her.

"No, f*ck you! Marie, when I met you, you were a f*cking pilled-out disaster."

First off, who says that to they girl? Even worse, when we get to the bathroom scene he lit her a** up! Shots after shots like oh no sweetie you doing TOO much. He started to talk about his old women and how they are also an extension of Imani & he literally would not stop.

"But you’re an addict, right? That’s what makes you so f*cking unique, right? That’s what makes your contribution so much more significant, right? Get the entire f*ck out of here. You’re not the first broken girl I’ve known, f*cked or dated."

Whew, I wanted to slap Malcolm so bad.

"You know what I just realized, Marie? It’s not about justifying your existence. It’s not. It’s about you being so scared and so selfish that you have to break me down. Second guess everything I do. “Am I mediocre?” “Can I do this without her?” “I don’t know. I better ask Marie. Maybe Marie will know the answer.” “Where’s Marie? I need Marie.” That’s a cut. “Marie, where did you go?” “Did you see that performance? What’d you think?” “You liked it? Yeah, me too.” God forbid I’m secure enough in my opinion that I don’t need you. That’s what this all is about."

He then proceeds to tell her what part of the movie with Imani that was based on her and guess what? Its the worse f*cking part! How dare he?

"You wanna know the part of Imani that’s based on you? It’s the end. The part that makes it such a tragedy. The part… that she… Where she loathes herself so much because of all the guilt and the shame. That she can’t let the good in. That’s the part that’s based on you. Her inability to fathom that there’s someone on this planet Earth that just loves her. Despite her not loving herself. That’s you. That’s the part that isn’t fiction."

Now that does seem like a true statement for her but after saying all that other stuff in the beginning just seems to make it worse. He ends up going outside so then you think the argument is finally over now but then Malcolm sees that the review was written for his movie and that's enough to get him started. It's clear he is upset with the review and he goes and talks bad about the women who wrote the article. Mind you, she didn't say anything too bad she actually praised the movie. His issue was with how it was praise. Big woop! Either way, I can go on and on about Malcolm and how he seemed to turned every thing he didn't like into something negative but lets focus on the bigger picture: How wrong was Malcolm? He was wrong as hell! I did understand him at times because I felt like he did try.... some times. Malcolm is just a very self-centered & arrogant man who brings others down when the masses are not in his favor. It was him being mad at the one review for me.

Marie POV

Marie had time that day! She definitely woke up and chose violence cause Malcolm kept poking the bear and woke her up! A lot of people see it as: all Marie wanted was a thank you. I see it as: Marie wanted to be seen. Of course she expressed she just wanted a thank you, but Marie clearly wanted more than that. After explaining she wanted a thank you she said explained it was more than that.

"It’s not just about you forgetting to thank me, Malcolm. It’s about how you see me. And how you view my contribution, not just to this relationship, but to your work. Specifically in a movie you made about my life."

You can tell Marie had A LOT of bottled up emotions. Even after they dropped the initial argument, Marie still felt a type of way and kept bringing up past situations, asking questions, and keep reiterating that he verbally abuses her. Given the background we were shown of her in the movie you can make an inference that Marie has been through a lot. She also takes a lot from Malcolm because baby that tub scene would have been it for me. She let him talk his stuff but she always came back with that heat.

"Well, I have a question for you, Malcolm. Whose f*cking shame? Whose guilt? What the f*ck do you know about shame and guilt? You have two parents, no bad habits other than being a f*cking prick, and a college education. Your mother is a therapist. Your father is a professor. Your sister works for a think tank in D.C. But out here, on these streets, these smiling f*cking rich people, they think you know what it’s like to scrap. Think you f*cking lived it. Give me a break. You’re more privileged than the white girl who works for the LA Times, who thinks she’s doing a public service by lifting up your mediocre ass."

Even more, she felt like she was robbed of a story. She even asked him if the movie would have been the same if they weren't together and he told her no. He said all of that and in the same breath he started to hit low blows and bring up her past as an excuse as to why she doesn't understand.

"Your experience, your life, your f*cking struggle, doesn’t matter. You’ve been an addict, boring! You overdosing, not f*cking interesting. It’s about transferring your emotions and all those moments into something cinematic and moving. So, you know what? Good luck, Marie."

I think Marie made a lot of valid points but a lot of the things seemed to be talked about too late. She was very upset about not getting thank you it reminded her of everything else she has had an issue with when it came to him. She wanted that role. She wanted to help write her story. She didn't want him to bring up other women. Marie simply wanted to be something more.

"You fake-ass, fraudulent, thievin’ f*ckin’ con man! You didn’t want me because if you did, you would have to share the f*cking stage. You wouldn’t be the sole author of this film. It would have a lineage that extended beyond you and your f*cking brilliance, because people would ask me and I’d say, “Yes, this shit happened to me.” Then all of a sudden everyone would go, “Is it him or her that’s talented?”"

Was this romance?

I wanted to briefly touch on the mood of this movie. Was this love? It's hard to say. Love is subjective. As the movie went on both Malcolm and Marie kept reflecting on the relationship they share. Yes they argued and yes they said 'I love you' like normal couples but the toxicity of them is very high. Imagining this in the real world I would be concerned. It's exactly how they went about what they said. It not like their relationship is giving 'I love you so I am telling you this' it's more like 'lets see who has more trauma. Let's see who we can hurt the deepest.' That my friend isn't my type of love but to each is own.

"‘Cause you like that shit? You know how disturbed you are, Marie? You may have gotten clean, but you still haven’t figured this part out. Why you love being hurt, traumatized and f*cking eviscerated? It’s not normal. It’s not healthy, and it permeates every aspect of our relationship. The way we talk, the way we fight, the way we f*ck. I’ve dated some damaged people in my life, Marie. But none of them wanted to be debased and degraded like you. And honestly, Marie… it’s nothing to be proud of. So stop f*cking smiling, ’cause you look like a clown. Now there’s some material for you."

To me, Malcolm and Marie are at the climax of the relationship and it is only going downhill from here.

"I loved you unconditionally. Why? Because I value mystery. The unknown. It’s what supports the tension of a relationship and forces us to be the best version of ourselves. The what-if factor. What if there’s someone who loved him better? Who was smarter, nicer. Woke him up every day with breakfast and a blowjob. What if I’m not the best girlfriend he’s ever had? What if he dreams of someone else? Better conversations, a girl with hips and an actual ass instead of this string bean body? Look, I know a little bit about your type. Not so much that I’m paralyzed with insecurity and doubt. So that every single day when I get up, and I talk to you, and I wear this fancy f*ckin’ dress, and I hold your hand, I’m trying to be the best girlfriend you have ever had. So, when you tell me that who I’m up against is Kiki…"

So who was right?

The movie definitely didn't end as a breakup or a makeup. Just a new day. Malcolm doesn't care about much since he is so self-absorbed and Marie seems like she cares too much which is why she always is questioning herself and him. I think both parties had valid arguments. There was times where I felt like Malcolm was right and other times where Marie was right. If you ask me, neither were 100% right. Both are very emotionally unstable people who try every day to love each other. They def need some self reflection on their own actions. Both have an substantial amount of baggage but neither party seemed to be able to have self accountability.

Overall, Malcolm and Marie showcased humans and their interaction with one another. Yes there are fights. Yes there is love. Yes there is laughter. And finally yes, there is a tomorrow.

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