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Life After College : My 6 Months Post-Grad Update

Hey guys! I cannot believe its been a whole 6 months since I've graduated from college. Let me tell y'all right now, life does not get easier once you leave college, it only gets harder. Since graduating I've been on a self discovering journey while also working very hard to secure a full time job. During this time I've learned so much about myself and I'm happy to tell you all that I will be starting a full time position in January 2020 at Amazon. This process has been super worthwhile and I'm going to give you all some advice/updates that I hope helps you.

It's Okay To Not Know What's Next

Listen, it's so annoying to have family and friends constantly ask "So whats next?". When I graduated I wasn't scared but I had a problem, I didn't know what was next. I was very uncomfortable with not knowing that. I took a lot of time with myself upon leaving to just sit back and observe. I knew where I wanted to be but I had no clue of getting to that stage. Some days I sat writing and applying for jobs and other days I just sat in silence not knowing if this is what I truly want to do. It's literally okay to not know sometimes, with all the stress from being in school we lose ourselves and what we want to do so just let it all flow.

Your Degree Doesn't Guarantee A Job

One major thing I learned is that your degree is almost equivalent to nothing without experiences and knowledge. Even if you graduate top of your class, your degree means nothing without work. When I graduated, I applied for what seemed like hundreds of jobs and I heard back from maybe only 10% of the jobs I've applied for. There are a lot of 'entry' leveled positions that not only require a degree but years of experience. I've learned that connections are key! Half the time these companies don't even look at your resume or even care to tell you specifics on why they didn't choose you. A recruiter reached out to me about the Amazon position which essentially lead me to an interview. A lot of my friends who got jobs also had the same experience where it was easier when being recommended for a position opposed to applying. Even if you have no connections always reach out via email, phone, or in person to let companies know you're eagerness to work.

I Love LinkedIn & Glassdoor

LinkedIn is one of the best things to happen to me. It's not only a place to find jobs but also a place to build connections and reach out to recruiters. Glassdoor is amazing for comparing salaries and reviews for companies. These two are essential when researching and exploring new careers.

Post Grad Depression Is Real

Like I said, leaving school doesn't make life easier. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to stay afloat with our peers we forget about our own mental health. Finding a job isn't easy and it definitely get depressing if you constantly get deny letters or nothing at all. There is a lot of pressure on graduates because people think we are supposed to have it all together but in all honesty we don't. I just want to let anybody know it is okay to just relax. Some of us had a lot to juggle while being in school like work, personal life, and so much more that we people forget to ask are we okay. It's crucial for us as humans to just rest and take some time off. From going to college right out of high school and actually completing in four years is hard enough. I remember I took almost a month off from doing anything to just chill and reset my mind. We all need it, so if you ever feel like you are losing yourself just stop, don't be afraid to reach out to someone and relax.

Don't Give Up

What is meant for you will always be for you. This is something that I reminded myself daily. Regardless of what is going on know where you want to be and figure out ways to achieve it. Some days I fell short on my goals and other days I did more than I knew I was capable of. Yes you may get 100 denies before you get that one offer, but it is so bittersweet once you do. I always told myself that it's okay if someone doesn't like me or want to hire me because at the end of the day there is always someone that will give you the chance you deserve.

Don't Let Others Get In Your Head

Please do not let what others say get in your head. Also, don't compare your progress with anybody else in this world because we all move at our own pace. Many people try to make you feel bad or down what you are doing in order to make themselves feel better but never let what the next person does effect you.

Trust The Process

I don't care if you don't know what the process should be, trust that the universe will give you everything you deserve.

College has taught me a lot of skills and real life experiences that I am so ever grateful for the time spent there. I will try to do more post college updates as the time goes by but please feel free to message me with any question, doubts, and opinions.

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