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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Listen, sometimes its so hard and time consuming when you're figuring out what you want to be for Halloween. Even more, costumes are super expensive and when you have more than one Halloween event to attend over the next few days it can get super frustrating. Well wait no longer, here I am to give you some simple last minute Halloween ideas. You may even have some of these things already in your closet.

Euphoria Vibes

Listen, there is so many ways you can go about this. Rue and Jules had some pretty distinctive clothing. You could also go for Maddie and Kat's look. They have some bomb makeup in the show so duplicating that would be super cute!

Animals Are SO Simple

When in doubt an animal is the route! It only costs less than $5 for some ears and using your makeup at home you can transform a simple idea into something really cute. For example, my favorite is a deer/fawn. I just put some cute white dots on my face and body while simply bronzing myself more harsher than usual. Some other ideas are:

  • Kitty

  • Fox

  • Elephant

  • Tiger/Cheetah

  • Zebra

Hoe... but Fashion

Yes, Halloween give us an excuse to be whatever we want to be. So wear that sleezy outfit! Just remember that in the process of doing that I ask you all to at least put a little more effort. Add some creative jewelry, we need 5in or taller heels, do a fake tramp stamp. We wanna see you WERK! Not just the outfit we want nails, hair, and makeup did.

Funniest Moment From Your Favorite Show or Movie

Literally, recreate your favorite scene. We all live for iconic moments. Maybe it's your least favorite character, or your ride or die. Its so many ways you can go about this.

Back to the Future

What's that one decade you wished you could have lived in? Literally this could possibly be the easiest thing ever. From the Roaring 20s, to the 70s, 90s, even the early 2000's. There is so much inspiration. Research TV shows, movies, music, iconic people, etc. You probably already have some of these things in your closet you could just transform because history does repeat itself.

Beat that Face!

When you don't want to put much effort on your outfit get creative with your makeup. Whether you know how to do makeup or not, you can almost recreate any look you're going for. What I do is I go on YouTube to look at tutorial and follow those steps. What I love about YouTube is that many people are beginner-advanced friendly so all it will take is a quick search and a couple videos to get the look you're going for.

The Scariest Thing Ever

Reasons I love Halloween is because it can get so spooky at time! I love people who aren't afraid to go out looking completely scary. To be honest you can be the sexiest thing walking but add a little blood and fake cuts everywhere and BOO! Ahhh I'm scared! Ha but no, create your favorite costume but make it very dead-like.

No Blackface or Cultural Appropriation

Whatever you do please no blackface. I'm not going to explain why because it is 2019 and y'all know damn well its a way to do things without being offensive.

So what do y'all plan on being for Halloween? Whatever you do be creative!

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