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Its My Birthday I Can Cry If I Want To

Happy Happy Birthday to me! Whew, I just turned 23 years old. I don't feel old but bitch I am not getting any younger. Naw but seriously I am ever so grateful for all the years God has given me and I'm praying for a tons more. The life lessons I have been given over the course of years have been nonetheless a rollercoaster. I can't relate to 8 year old me, shoot I can't even relate to 21 year old me anymore. I went through a lot of experiences I am so grateful for that shaped me into the person I am becoming everyday.

Lessons I've learned over 23 years

Listen, it's a couple things I've learned over such a small life span.

One thing is to never beg for anyone to like me or stay in my life. As a child I use to feel like something was wrong with me. People use to call me weird all the time and said the worse things to me growing up. I use to care too much about what people thought and it really messed with my self esteem during my youth. I learned in my twenties is to never care about what naan person has to say about you because it's just their own insecurities speaking.

Another thing I learned was to live in your fullest truth and try to be as open as possible. This is something I still struggle with. I have a hard time opening up to people but its more so from my past trauma that made me this way. I've been better with talking about things over the years so I am making progress.

Your past struggles do not define who you are. I use to go through a bad depression in my teen years to the point I never wanted to live. I've been through the unimaginable in a short span and if I could get through that I believe I can get through anything.

Never look for an explanation, nobody owes you anything. That is vice versa!

One special thing is I've learned is to trust the process. It may not make sense now but every single thing happens in your life for a reason.

The person I am today

Okay the tea. The person I am today is a very dedicated and loving person. I love so hard even if I don't know the right way to reciprocate it. I believe that if I can think about doing something no matter how long or hard it takes it will get done. Another thing that has always been instilled in me is to never kiss anybodies ass. No mater what the situation is, no matter if its the powerful person in this world never take your crown off for anybody else satisfaction. I love myself so much and I see the fullest potential growing inside of me. Its crazy because I am such an emotional person, I cry a lot, especially around the time of my birthday. I have learned to understand that doesn't make me weak, it makes me human.

Happy Virgo season to all and Happy muthafucking birthday to me.

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