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Is Skateboarding Heading into a New Direction?

Hola mis amigos! Today’s topic will be very fun and interesting, skateboarding. Today I have a friend to help me discuss difference viewpoints on skateboarding. Jamal Taylor is the founder of Footwork Skate, which is not only an intended platform for skaters but he also wants to help pursue many people to follow their dreams.

1) What got you into skateboarding?

A mix of isolated occurrences actually. My grandfather had a skateboard when i was really young, i was watching the xgames a lot as well, along with some friends i had in elementary school that skated often. It all just came full circle and I just started to skate more and more.

2) What is your viewpoint on the skateboarding industry?

I don’t really have much to say on the behind the scenes aspect to it, but it seems highly selective to get sponsored. You got to be really good and know people to get on a team. But that's with anything almost. Its a few trends I can’t get on board with. It’s becoming a little bit more mainstream but the nature of skateboarding weeds out the fakes. Starting to see less posers I would say.

3) Why do you feel like skateboarding is important?

Its influenced so many things. Street fashion. Video gaming, laws, television, and at the most, the sports industry.

4) So tell us, why did you initially start Footwork Skate?

I originally wanted to make something better than GQ. and I ended up wanting to do something with black Chicagoans, and I thought why not add in skateboarding. The inception for this company was so scattered. I’m glad I finally found the right place for it. I also wasn’t seeing a lot of black skaters at the time so figured I'd start a platform for it.

5) Do you have any upcoming projects?

A few. Some i won’t talk about but to start off i’ll be launching a podcast and web series before the end of fall. Nothing too big. Maybe a few contest.

6) Do you feel like there is a misrepresentation when it comes to skateboarding?

Definitely. People think we’re all delinquents or whatever. Like we just want to fuck shit up. But that’s not case. It’s just people wanting to express themselves. Most skaters have nothing but skating. Its just so much more to it than people think.

7) Do you think more women will get into skateboarding as the years progress?

Absolutely, there has been a huge increase in women skaters these past five years. Huge presence on instagram. Not many female pros as it should be. But its growing.

8) where do you see the company in the next decade?

I see it for sure competing with thrasher, if not better. I have a different focus than thrasher and i think that's where ill really shine. I'm young with fresh ideas and a different perspective to give. Which is what is always going to be interesting.

Huge thank you to Jamal for being able to talk about his experiences and ideas with us! Be sure to check out Footwork Skate Magazine on Twitter @FootworkSkate , IG : fwskatemag or . For any business inquires/submissions

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