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How to Mentally Prepare for School

Hey guys! So I know many of you all including me will be starting back school in these next weeks. Whether its high school or college, mentally preparing yourself for a new school year can be stressful! Here are a few tips to help you get started on a great semester.

Sleeping Schedule Issues?

I am such a night owl, I love the night time and staying up late has always been my issue. Something I like to do is practice sleeping early/waking early to get my sleeping schedule back on track before the semester starts. If you have trouble like me try to keep your mornings light and nights dark while also sticking to a set routine and you'll be back to your regular sleeping schedule in no time!

Meal Prep!

So buying food everyday is an expense in its own. Spending long days at school without eating can mentally drain you. Try to meal prep on the weekends so you can have food ready to eat on the go. If meal prepping isn't your thing try to portion out your snacks for the week so you can have something savory or sweet to eat during those craving hours.

Planners are essential!

I loved those planners we got in high school to help us keep up with schedules. My freshmen and sophomore year of college I stopped using planners for some odd reason. My junior year I decided to buy a planner and it helped me so much between my social life, school, work, and extracurricular activities. I am able to manage my life more better with a planner.


Meditation is therapeutic and very important. It can help us get rid of all of the factors such as anxiety or negative feelings that could prevent us from feeling good about ourselves. Try to discover the art of meditating and you will feel great.

Social Media/Internet break

I think its very essential to give the internet a break for maybe a day or two. Sometimes we are on the phone more than we are having face to face interactions. Taking breaks will help you get back into reality of life and it gives you time to clear your mind as well as focus on things that should be a priority.

I hope that you all have an amazing school year. Sending positive vibes out to each and everyone of you.

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