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How Make The Best Of Your 20s

Hey everyone! As we get older we feel like we have to have everything together. Especially in your 20s we see so many people graduating college, moving, getting married, having kids, and so much more. It is completely fine if you not where you want to be at this age because your 20s are essentially here to teach you lessons and finding who you truly are. There are some things though that you should do to make you early years of adulthood worth it.

Wisdom is Key

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing information and facts while wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. So go out and do things that challenge you. Wisdom is everywhere you just have to walk outside your door. Move beyond simple black and white thinking. Wise people don't try to make sense of whats going on in this world they just accept uncertainty. Being wise is not being defined by success but by how at peace you are with yourself and life. Listen to others. Value your peace and integrity.

Try New Things

"You never know unless you try" Travel, learn a new language, try new food, shoot your shot first, go skydiving, the sky is the limit! Live out your fears because you'll live life with a bunch of 'what ifs'.

Date, Date, Date

Go out with as many people you want (if you're single). There is nothing wrong with actively dating. I feel like people our age don't understand the concept of 'dating'. We spend too much time having expectations from others and that's when things go sour. People wake up and feel a different way about others everyday so lets not dwell on past relationships. Dating isn't just about hooking up its about going out and getting to know one another. Coffee dates, recreational dates, lunch break dates, the list is limitless. There is no harm in that. It's fine if you feel like you found your soulmate but if not go out and enjoy yourself. You'll learn more about yourself when finding out what you do and don't like about others.

Use Your Money On Experiences

It's so easy to buy things like clothes but experiences are rare. Travel and learn about new cultures, go to festivals, go to that seminar you've been wanting to check out, learn how to make clothes, go to a painting session, etc. Save your money for something that will add value to your life.

Spend Quality Time With Friends and Family

As we get older our family and friends get older as well. Friends are starting their own families and you may not see them as much as you wish. Spending quality time with your loved ones is so therapeutic. Reminiscence and have your family members tell you stories. Go out and have fun times with your friends. No one is here forever so cherish them while you still can.

Enjoy 'Me Time'

We become so busy the older we get that we forget about self care. Enjoy your own space. Take yourself out on dates. Go drink alone. If nobody wants to do anything with you do it by yourself. I promise its not weird. This gives you time to think and reflect on your own life.

Practice Financial Literacy

I hate that our whole life growing up we never learned the importance of taxes, 401K plans, credit, or saving. This stuff is very important the older we get and learning the importance of financial literacy is key. There are some apps like Mint that can help you keep track of your finances. Build your credit. I use the 70/30 when saving (spending 70% save 30%). At work ask them about employee benefits. Take your financials serious because it can take years to rebuild.


Go out. Get drunk. Party as much as you want because its the fun thing to do.

Quit Your Day Job And Follow Your Dreams

I won't speak on this much because I wrote a blog post about this a couple of months ago ( Literally follow your dreams because you'll be 30 in no time wishing you did what you wanted to do in your 20s.

Do Something Crazy

Just do it. You'll laugh back at it 10 years from now.

Understand That It Is Okay

Understand what is meant for you will always be meant for you. Take a couple of deep breaths every day and tell yourself "its okay". Things didn't go as planned? Failed your exam? Recent breakup? Don't dwell on how things aren't going your way but instead figure out why it is happening and how you can move forward. If you spend too much time focusing on the situation it reflects on your feelings so instead, focus on why you feel this way.

Spread Positive Vibes

Spread positive vibes whenever you can. Compliment a random person. Do some good deeds. Buy someone lunch. Donate to charity. Remember what you put out into the universe is what you shall receive.

Guys, your 20s are meant to fail sometimes. Turn your Ls into Lessons. Do what you want. Wear what you want. Live in your truth. This is your life and you navigate it the way you want! Don't spend your 20s stressed because you'll never truly live.


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