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Hey guys, I haven’t posted anything new for about a week or so for many reasons. For one, I work two jobs and I have been completing 8 credit hours of summer class which has been kicking my butt. I can finally say I am now done with summer classes which has lifted a huge weight off my chest. I have about 3-4 weeks until I start my fourth (hopefully last) year of college! During this free time, I feel the need to detox myself mentally and physically from the social world, we all need to sometimes. Lately, I’ve been in a very vulnerable space battling myself on whether I am doing enough. Sometimes we can get so caught up with how people perceive themselves on social media it makes us feel like we need to do more with ourselves. I periodically take social media breaks because it helps me remind myself that I am still human, and I have flaws, we all do.

Another reason I haven’t uploaded is because when I first started this platform I wanted it to be EVERYTHING & more! I believe that my platform has the potential to grow and touch many people now and in the near future that I plan to take the time to perfect my craft. This is my first time ever writing for the public & its harder than I thought when trying to stay as transparent as possible to others. I am working on so many new projects with Sunny Dayzz that I cannot wait to introduce to you all. I should be able to give you all more info on everything within the next two weeks!

So, while I take this small break for myself I will be uploading once a week to show you all what I’ve been working on and tips that can beneficial to all! Bon Voyage 😊

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