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Communication is NOT key, comprehension is.

Guys, so I've been in a middle of a shift in my life. One thing that has been bothering me the most is communication. Not between me but with others. I'm not the best communicator at all, not because I don't like expressing my feelings but because it is almost useless without comprehension. Application and comprehension are two major components when communicating and if you don't have those then it is harder to understand. You can talk to a person all day long about what you don't like but as long as they don't understand it's going to keep happening. Here is how you can spot if you or someone else is communicating wrong.

Not what you say but how you say it

A lot of times you are communicating correctly but the approach comes off weird. Or let's say you're at work and your boss yells at you to do something when he could have just said it with a nicer tone. Now your whole day is ruined because his tone wasn't cool. This happens a lot of times with many people. We have to learn ways to explain things to others without offending. Never be afraid to explain to the other party why you feel as if it wasn't the correct way to say it. We always should explain because many people are ignorant and probably never looked at it that way.

There is a disconnect

A lot of times we don't communicate with others with the same respect we'd expect them to communicate with us. This creates a disconnect between you and the party. We have to understand and be mindful of others opinions. Nobody in this world knows every single thing they should know. We learn something new everyday. Being able to understand why others feel a certain way and vice versa creates a lot less disconnect. Nothing should ever get too big to cause an argument.

Change the way you're communicating

Literally if you have to tell someone 10x something maybe it's because you're communicating totally wrong. Look at your approach and what you're saying as to why they aren't getting it. Sometimes it's you but if you feel you've done all you can then I have a better idea.

Not everyone is as receptive

You should never have to explain yourself more than once, yes maybe another time for clarity but you should never have to explain yourself every single day. Some people aren't as understanding and could care less. So if you come across people that don't care to understand and apply then don't waste your time. Leave situations alone that don't serve you. We live with a lot of stubborn people who feel that they are 100% right every time. Understand you did your part and take everything with a grain of salt.

Not all communication is wrong except for bad communication. So before you think people aren't listening to you, take a look at your approach and others comprehension.

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I’ve read all of these & they're great. Ur a very good writer

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