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Cannabis Guide in Illinois

Are you all ready for January 1st or is it just me? For those that don't know, cannabis will be recreational starting January 1st, 2020 in Illinois. What does this mean for the residents? There is so much that will change during that time and I am going to give you all the deets that you need to know.

The basics

Cannabis will be legal for recreation use January 1, 2020. Adults over the age 21 can purchase marijuana.

How much can you purchase or possess?

You can obtain up to 30 grams which is one ounce or marijuana plant, 5 grams of cannabis concentrate, and edibles with up to 500mg. Now this is specifically for residents only, non-residents can only obtain half as much.

Where can you smoke

This is the tricky part. You can't smoke in public places, private residents are legal. There are also some cities in Illinois that will band cannabis altogether so be on the lookout for those spaces. Also, all public housing tenants will not be able to possess in their homes.

Can I grow now?

No, only medical cannabis patients can grow and they can only grow up to 5 plants.

How bad will it be taxed?

Whew, Illinois is about to TAX TAX. Marijuana with more than 35% THC will be taxed at 25% of the purchase price. Cannabis infused products with more than 35% THC will be taxed at 20% of the purchase price. Anything lower than 35% THC 10% of the purchase price. Medical marijuana patients are exempt from all taxes.

How will people in jail for marijuana benefit?

So the law will be that anyone convicted with under 30 grams of cannabis prior to the legalization can request a pardon under the Prisoner Review Board and Gov Pritzker. If they grant a pardon, this means that the Illinois attorney general can expunge their records. This new bill could potentially expunge up to 800,000 low-level drug offenses ranging from misdemeanors to Class 4 felonies.

Social Equity Program

They have introduced a $20 million low-interest loan program that will potentially lend money to small scale communities. Governor Pritzker stated "As Illinois continues its path toward putting equity at the forefront of the state's new adult-use cannabis expansion, it's important to create opportunities in communities that have been hardest hit by the war on marijuana," he then goes to say "Not only will social equity applicants receive points on their applications, but many applicants will also get grants, technical assistance, low-interest loans and fee reductions and waivers. Taken together, these efforts will do more than any other state in the nation has done to focus on equity." For more information on this check out

How many dispensaries will be open starting January 1st?

All of the state's 55 medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to sell recreational marijuana and can also open up a second location. It is stated that by the summer of 2020 75 additional dispensaries can open up and by the end of 2021 another additional 110 dispensaries are allowed to open. It also should be noted that all dispensaries have to be 1,500 ft away from each other.

Will Illinois essentially make a profit from this?

Legal marijuana is expected to generate $58 million in general revenue this coming year. In the second year it could be up to $140 million and then close to $500 million once the program is fully mature.

I will update you with more cannabis facts and ideas as times goes on. Remember, cannabis is still a federal crime and they can still give out penalties if they feel like it.

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