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Bad Habits.. We all have them

So guys, I've have a bunch of bad habits I've been trying to improve on recently. Let me just list a few for you all.

Procrastination:I don't know why, but I just get a tad bit thrill out of doing things at the last minute. Maybe the suspense? Idk 😂. As I get older, I realize that I can't keep doing that.

Not being content with my work:So let me get this straight. I honestly don't care too much about how people feel about me and the work I put out. I do care about my own opinion a little bit too much, literally my worse critic. A lot of times in my life I get into a space where I feel like I'm not doing enough with myself. So I constantly think of new projects and ideas when sometimes I just need to RELAX.

Overthinking: Yall, I'm a virgo. We think a lot. I'm super indecisive about almost everything. I will literally sit and think about the same situation for an hour just because.

Mary Jane:So for a period in my life all I did was smoke weed. Like wake and bake, need to smoke to even sleep. Mainly because I enjoy it, but also because it calms my nerves. I do realize once I'm not high I still have the same issues to deal with.

Saying Yes all the time:I always been a go with the flow type person. I realized in friendships and relationships I did a lot of things for the satisfaction of others and not myself.

The list goes on, we all have bad habits. Some of these habits you probably can't change and understand that is 100% okay but when you feel like it alters your whole life negatively you just have to take time to yourself and figure out ways to improve your own life. Change is all within yourself. Some of these habits may be harder to break than others but always remember the hardest thing about doing anything is actually doing it in the first place. You define what are good and bad habits in your life.

Just like with procrastinating, I try to do all my work before I go out, before midnight, while also staying organized through planners, notes and alarms. The habits of being content with myself, overthinking, and saying yes require a lot more time. Right now I'm reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson (I'll give you a full review on it after finished reading). He raises a lot of good points like how our problems never stop, but merely exchanged and/or upgraded. I'll probably always overthink but I can change how I perceive my emotions. I'm learning to understand that what is for me will always be for me and I just have to grow and learn from all my problems. I've been practicing saying No more while just figuring out things that I truly like to do. Even with weed, I'll always have a love for it but I do limit myself to how much I consume.

I've been picking up some good habits such as yoga, meditation, reading, and writing. These are things I actually enjoy doing and it keeps me from focusing on the bad habits. Understand we all have flaws and that is okay. I'll end this with another quote from Mark Manson. "Don't hope for a life without problems... There is no such thing. Instead, hope for a life full of good problems."

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