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5 Places to Visit (Without a Passport)

Hey guys! I love to travel. It's so fun and refreshing seeing to see so many perspectives and cultural differences based on location. I think everyone should get a passport when it comes to traveling because there is so much to the world that we don't see. If you don't have a passport but would like the feel of being out the country then try these spots!

Puerto Rico

I will say this now. I am biased when it comes to anything Puerto Rican. I love everything about Puerto Rico from the food, to the people, and the atmosphere is beautiful. This island is unmatched when it comes to partying, exploring, just an all around great time. Sadly, Puerto Rico is a territory of the US so we can come and go as we please without a passport (Praying for independence). The people are so genuine and nice while you also get to see the beautiful architech. You'll love everything about the island I promise.

US Virgin Island

The US Virgin Island have three main islands:

  • Saint Croix

  • Saint John

  • Saint Thomas

Over 2 million visit a year and it is the perfect getaway if you want to just chill and have fun!


Guam is another US territory. Here you can visit the beaches, go snorkeling, learn about the culture, and enjoy the people. You can have fun exploring what this island has to offer!

American Samoa

The American Samoa is known for its prestige beaches and reefs. This is somewhere I can't wait to visit. When researching this island I learned that the people on this island strive for a non tourist island so when you go it will be as homey as possible! Make sure to visit Ofu Beach while there!

Northern Mariana Island

Northeast of Guam, this is another free of passport place to visit. With views of the Philippine Sea this is a must stop spot!

Closed Loop Cruises

Another option is many cruises offer a variety of non US territorial spots to visit. Some require a passport to leave the area and explore but you don't need one to get on the boat necessarily. Here are some spots:

  • Mexico

  • Bahamas

  • Canada

  • Jamaica

  • Bermuda

  • Honduras

  • Belize

Have you visited any of these beautiful spots? If so, what was your favorite? What did you like about it?

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