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2 jobs and full time student?! How do you manage?

Hey guys! So many people ask me how I balance school and work. To sum it up, it’s not easy. It weighs a lot of me some weeks and some weeks it breezes by. Since I was 17 I had a job while also in school. Working two jobs and taking 18 credit is a bit too much and I wouldn't recommend unless you 100% know you can handle it. Although it can be stressful and overwhelming at times I do believe that it’s possible to work while being in school. Here’s a few tips on how I learned to balance the both!

Good relationship with company

So y’all, I done been through so many jobs in my lifetime it doesn’t make sense. The main reason I left so many jobs was because I was not okay with management and their treatment to employees. Some people feel a sense of entitlement when you work for them and aren’t very understanding of your life outside of work. Whether it was scheduling me outside of my availability to just making me stay late I was not having it at all. Before you accept a job make sure that you and the management are clear on your other obligations.

Make sure you have a workable schedule

If it was one thing I learned about balancing school and work is to make sure they are both manageable. Try not to work late hours if you have to be up early the next day.

Don’t be afraid to ask for time off

Never overwork yourself, I understand we have things to pay for but sometimes work and school can stress you out at the same time which is not good for your mental. We all need breaks that’s just how our body is.

Try a school job

School jobs are very efficient when you’re on campus all the time. Takes away from traveling to other jobs and above all they are very understanding. One of my jobs I work with at my college is great because I can work in between classes and if I’m late or have to call off because of school related events they are more than understanding.

Plan ahead

Make sure you plan ahead and don’t try to always do your work after you get off work because you never know how tired you’ll be or if you’ll have to stay late sometimes. Be sure to write your schedule in a planner while also requesting off days you need about 3-4 weeks in advance.

I hope these few tips will help you out as much as they helped me! Sending you all posi vibes forever!


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