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Travel Do's and Don'ts

Hey guys! Vacation weeks are the best! You get to forget all the bs at home and enjoy time far away. I love to travel and you all know I recently went on my first two trips out the country, Dominican Republic and Mexico. Those both were amazing and I can't wait to share with you guys my next trip! If you are just starting to travel or even a professional traveler I have some tips for you on your next trip!

Copy ID and Passport Before Flight

My mom always tells me this before I go somewhere and it's actually very important. Make sure you have photocopies of your passport and IDs especially when going out the country. If anything was to get lost of damaged having an extra copy could save you money and time.

Researching is key

This is a super important factor when deciding where you're staying and all the places you would like to go. I'm super big on reviews because it gives me a variety of opinions. I research everything from where I will be staying at, to the food, and all the way to the excursions. It's good to know the laws and culture of where you will be visiting so you won't look ignorant. This can also just add an extra security for yourself when you're somewhere unfamiliar.

Excursions are the best

Excursions are so fun. I literally cannot travel with people who like to stay inside the room or resort the whole trip. Like sis we could have went down the street for that. Typically when you stay at hotel or resorts they provide you with transportation and deal (some maybe even free) when heading off site. For a lot of ideas and fun trips we use Amstar to see what is in the area. You could always rent a car as well and explore the city your in.

Pack good, but light

Tbh I've been working on this one but it is very essential when traveling. Try to pack the stuff you're 100% going to wear and then add maybe 2 extra clothing items. Me personally, when I travel I love to buy souvenirs for others and myself so I make sure I have enough space before I leave so I won't have to worry about how things will fit. Also when you're bag is over a certain amount of lbs they charge you extra and who likes extra charges?


When you are planning your trip, try to estimate how much money you will need to bring. This depends on where you're going and the things you want to buy. ALWAYS bring more cash than cards. A lot of places out the country isn't safe when using card and trying to get cash while traveling could be a hassle with extra charges. I like to bring at least $200-$300 more than I need just in case of any emergencies.

Don't go with boring people

Go with people who like to travel. Don't go with people who complain a lot, never wanna spend any money, or go anywhere. Go with people who like to do the things that interest each party. When you're around people who are constantly negative it can cause a damper on the trip and who tryna be mad on vacay?

Try food

I'm a foodie. A literal foodie. I love trying food new food no matter where I go. See what's the most popular thing to get while your visiting.

Use Safe

This is important when you don't like bringing all your cash, cards, or information out with you every time you go out. Most hotel and resorts carry their own safes that are free to use for guests.

Prepare for anything

Always be prepared for any situation when traveling. Whether it's flight delays, weather changes, or any unexpected changes make sure you always have a backup plan.

Traveling is so fun I enjoy experiences and I hope with this information I made you're time a little easier.

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