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Cute Ways to Spend Valentine's Day.

Hey Guys! So Valentine's Day is coming up soon and some people may be stuck on what to do whether you stay in or go out. It seems almost inevitable for people to get away from this day and I have a couple of nice ways you could still make this day worth it regardless of whom you're spending it with.

Buy a Gift to Express your Love

Every one loves a classic bear and candy for Valentine's Day. If you really appreciate them and want to spend a extra buck I have a few gift ideas:

  • Tiffany and Co Honestly you can find anything on Tiffany and Co they have something for every occasions. They even have personalized gifts as well.

  • Saaya Rose They sell luxury roses and they last up to 1-2 years! They come in a very cute box as well. It may be a little pricey but right now they have a sale for most of their items just check out their website!

  • Personalized Gifts There are so many ways you can personalize a gift whether you want to make it a DIY or buy one online. Wine glasses, picture frames, home decor, food, jewelry, and so much more. I suggest checking out YouTube and Pinterest for most DIYs they have the best.

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries I don't know about y'all but I love Chocolate Covered Strawberries. My favorite is from Godiva. I would suggest that or Edible Arrangements, Ghirardelli, or Shari's Berries.

  • Cologne or Perfume I don't think you could go wrong with buying some nice cologne or perfume. Be cautious that everyone has a scent so be sure to get something you're sure they'll like.

  • Make a Gift Box full of things your partner likes as well such as face masks, candy, wine/alcohol, tickets, beauty products, etc. You know what your partner likes and what makes them happy!

Take Them On a Thoughtful Date

There are so many dates you can take someone on.

  • Buy them tickets to a game, concert, movie, trip, comedy show, jet sight seeing, wine tasting, etc.

  • Go to a nice restaurant, bar, or lounge.

  • Get massages together at a nice spa.

  • Get a hotel room and decorate it.

  • Try an adult gaming spot, bowling, or skating.

  • Go to a Sip n Paint or Pottery Class.

  • Take Cooking Classes.

  • Try a museum.

If You're Trying to Stay on a Budget or Need a New Idea

Don't worry, if your on a tight budget or the previous ideas isn't exactly what you're looking for I got you!

  • Make a IOU book for 14 days of Love I think this idea is so cute. So you make a cute coupon book and put different 'I owe yous' inside. These could be filled with anything such as massages, gifts, tickets, dinner at home, etc. Get creative! You can buy supplies at any store that sells crafts

  • Bring the Steakhouse to your Place Cooking for your significant other is always nice. Try cooking them something they'll like and buy a bottle of wine at the store. To go the extra mile you could also include them into it and bond while making some good food.

  • Reasons why I Love You Make a Reasons why I Love You book or photo book. This is super cute and thoughtful. Write cute and funny things to get to their heart.

  • Go shop around Craft Stores It may sound weird but shopping around at stores can also spark new ideas. Most gift ideas can be done at home such as pottery, jewelry making, sip n paints, candle making, etc.

  • Try Decorating their Room to show your appreciation. Every one loves to feel appreciated.

It's so easy to make someones smile on Valentine's Day whether you're going out with friends, family, significant other, or even alone. Try some of these ideas or recommend them to someone else. With so much love in the air I wish you all the best and sending positive vibes.


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