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5 Affirmations That Could Brighten up your day

Hey everybody! Of course, we all have those days where we feel like everything that could go wrong, does. Some days you feel as if you’re completely lost and you just need a little extra push to brighten up your day. Something I have found helpful through these times is affirmations. Beginning your day with such positive words can definitely create a better outlook on your life. So today I have gathered 5 affirmations that I use every day to help me start off my day!

1) I have a purpose

Sometimes we become lost in ourselves and we go through a journey of self-awareness Just always understand that you have a purpose and there is a reason for every day you are here. Start your day off with constantly reminding yourself how important you are and your day will shine so bright!

2) I AM worthy

When you are feeling down about everything and just don’t feel as worthy, you should always remember you are worthy of all the love and appreciation this world can offer. It doesn’t matter about your past mistakes or how people see you as long as you hold yourself to a high standard nothing can break you.

3) Thank you

Sometimes we forget about everything we do have and we often focus on the need for more. This could be as simple as ‘Thank you for waking me up today’ to ‘Thank you for my love I have for myself’. When you continue to focus on wanting more it can prevent you from being positive not only to other people but to yourself.

4) I choose me

You never want to fall into a spot where you don’t feel important. Every day you should start off by saying ‘I choose me’ because it doesn’t matter how anybody feels about you as long as you wake up every day and look in the mirror to assure yourself that you are the chosen one and you are worthy of everything.

5) Today is my day

Understand that you are the only person in this world in charge of your life and you have the power to make every day your own. So create it! Just like today, every day is your day. By shifting your mood from ‘I hope today is a good day’ to ‘today is my day’ you are confirming to yourself the choices you make are more of an ‘want to’ than ‘have to’

Do you guys have any affirmations that speak to you on a deeper level? Comment below and let us know!

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