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10 Morning Habits That Will Help Improve Your Week

Hey guys! Have you ever just woke up in a bad mood and the rest of the day seemed off? Well sometimes our morning habits aren't the best and it can do a lot to your mood. Here are some morning habits that can help improve your week!

Start Your Morning With Breakfast

I absolutely love breakfast! My day feels way better when I start my day with a meal. Sometimes I don't have time to cook a full meal but I try at least eat something. If you're not a breakfast person there is so many options you can do. Fruit and veggies are great to start the morning with or just a simple granola bar.

Don't Pick Up Your Phone for the First 20 Minutes

Instead of checking your timeline when you first wake up reflect on your day. Sometimes we can become confined to our phones and spend more time in bed on them than actually organizing and thinking about the rest of the day.


I say this a lot but affirmations are good. Starting your day saying positive reminders can help boost the dynamic of your day!

Set Goals for the Day

Set simple goals for the day! Maybe 2 or 3 a day. They could be as small as not eating certain food or saving a certain amount of money that day.


Mediation is so simple! It doesn't take much out your day, you can even do a couple minutes a day. This can help clear your mind and bring you peace before you start your day.

Hydrate with Lemon Water

This is great in the morning! Drinking lemon water helps your digestive system while also balancing the pH in your body. Another thing is helps is for dental with preventing gingivitis and toothaches.

Make Your Bed

I don't make my bed after every sleep (I need to start) but it is a good way to remain in order. It makes you less likely to get back under the covers and go go to sleep.

Listen to Music

Music is my life! I love listening to music almost all day long. It is also a great booster in the AM. Try creating a playlist that will help you get into your morning routine.

Workout for at Least Five Minutes

Exercising increases your mental processing speed. You don't have to do a full ass workout but you can do as little as yoga, walking around, push ups, and so much more.

Open Your Blinds

Listen, you need to let some shade in baby. Sunlight has the ability to make you wake up more naturally. Before you go to sleep at night just make sure your blinds are open a bit.

Do you have any morning routines that has helped you start your day? Any bad habits that you need to get rid of?

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